5 Fascinating Fun Facts About Thailand

5 Fascinating Facts about Thailand

Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. In fact, it was recorded as the most visited country last 2016 and welcomed more than 30 million visitors. Thailand is known for having unique culture and traditions. Every international tourist who comes here should be ready to witness and experience a very different way of life. Before you book a flight, go through this list and you just might find a fun fact that will surprise you and make you more excited for your trip.

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1. The reason why Thailand boasts such a truly Asian culture is because they were never colonized by a foreign power in history. In the past, Thailand was able to evade occupation through diplomatic efforts. Hence, there is very little trace of Western influences in the country and the way of life is very different.

2. If you want to stay in another person’s home for the night, you will need to ask permission from the phra phum or the ghost of the land. You are also required to say thank you when you leave. This way, you would be paying respect to the ghost and not triggering him to cause mischief. You might even see some locals doing this as they enter a hotel.

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3. You cannot sleep with a person without going through several dates. If you find yourself attracted to a local, don’t be surprised if he or she would say no to showing any kind of physical affection. It does not matter if you already developed strong feelings – smothering each other too soon is considered impolite. Even couples who met in Thai dating websites have to stay composed during the first few dates, regardless of the bond they have already formed while virtual dating.

4. In Thailand, you cannot touch a person’s head. Thais consider the head as a very sacred part of the body. You can only touch the head of a person who is within your immediate and extended family. Otherwise, touching the head of others would only bring you trouble.

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5. It is illegal to step on money.  The Baht or the money circulating in Thailand carries the image of their king, the country’s leader that every Thai loves and respects. Disrespecting any image of the king in any way – like stepping on them or intentionally defacing them – can get you arrested.

Several travelers can attest that there is a lot to learn when you set foot in this country, so it’s definitely a great place to travel to. You’ll get excellent value for your vacation money and have fun. Before you board your flight to this country, get ready to taste delectable food, witness stunning landscapes, be immersed in a unique Asian adventure like no other. You will surely go home with a new and more colorful perspective.

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