5 Tips To Travel Better And More Comfortable

Travelling to new places is a lot of fun, but there are many of us who could use a few helpful tips on how to travel better. Once you’ve visited online coupon sites such as Discountrue and used your Expedia or Hotels.com promos to save on your airfare, accommodation and planned your itinerary, these pointers will provide you with the assistance that you need to make your travels more comfortable!

5 Tips To Travel Better And More Comfortable 5 Tips To Travel Better And More Comfortable

  1. Getting Compensated For Travel Delays

We’re all aware of the concept that time is money and as a result, there are more than a few airlines out there who owe us some money. Luckily, Berkshire Hathaway offers travellers the opportunity to purchase AirCare insurance. This insurance provides compensation to travellers who are stuck waiting out delays. A fixed-rate can be purchased for $25, while a tarmac delay of at least two hours or more pays out at a rate of $1,000. What a great way to turn a negative occurrence into something far more positive!

  1. Learn How To Beat Traffic

When you’re trying to hit the road during holiday travels, traffic can be an absolute nightmare, which is why it is important for travellers to plan ahead. Beating the jams is as easy planning down to the hour that you are leaving. Google Maps offers a simple way to chart the traffic in your particular city so that you can steer clear of the traditional holiday hell, so be sure to chart these patterns before setting plans in stone.

  1. Move Through Customs Faster

For those who love international travel and hate the process of going through customs, there is now a solution to this common gripe: the APEC Business Travel Card. By obtaining this card, you are entitled to pre-clearance and an expedited travel schedule. Immigration processing takes place much more quickly, as long as you are travelling to one of the 21 destinations that are open to Travel Cardmembers. Already a part of the Trusted Traveler program? You are able to apply by using the GOES system.

  1. Using Online Travel Agencies

Should you decide to book your flight through an online travel agency, you are able to earn far more rewards than you would if you had booked directly through the airline. You’ll earn miles from the airline and be able to receive special perks and rewards from the travel agency, while also getting a discount for your trouble!

  1. Always Stay Connected

We all know how important the Internet is, especially when you might need help during your trip. Boingo provides a consistent wi-fi connection to all those who are in need for less than $5 per month when travelling in the Americas, while worldwide travellers can enjoy the same privilege for a low monthly payment of $59. If you have an American Express Platinum Card, you can access all of the land-based hot spots that Boingo has to offer for free.

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