Exploring Bangkok’s Little India

Bangkok Little India is not a tourist attraction. It is found in a hard to reach location and has little to offer tourists. No majestic Hindu temples or distinct Indian cultures to excite visitors. I guess, if in the area, it maybe worth checking out. But maybe not. The main attraction for Bangkok Little India is the busy Sampeng market a network of back alleys where locals peddle fabrics, textiles, gifts and accessories (Sampeng Blog here). If this is what interests you then Bangkok Little India is the place to be. Otherwise there is little else to do. Maybe call in at Gurdwara Siri Guru Singh Sabha (Sikh Temple)? Certainly not worth the trek across the city. Bangkok Little India (Pahurat) is found near Bangkok Chinatown on the main Phahurat Road (directions here).

Roadside Stalls, Bangkok Little India, Phahurat Road, Southeast AsiaSampeng Market, Bangkok Little India, Phahurat Road, Southeast AsiaGurdwara Siri Guru Singh Sabha, Bangkok Little India, Phahurat Road

Eating in Bangkok Little India

As expected you will find Indian food but not in abundance. Where blogs say best Indian food outside India this couldn’t be more wrong. In comparison to mamak restaurants of Malaysia and Indian Singaporean food – Bangkok little India is rubbish. For the best Indian food in Southeast Asia follow the British trade routes. Penang, Melaka, Singapore. For the best Indian food in Bangkok stick to the city centre. While food isn’t bad in Little India a trek from central Bangkok won’t be worthwhile. The best restaurant in Bangkok Little India is Royal India Restaurant (North Indian cuisine) which now has branches across the city. Also great Samosas from the samosa guy opposite.

Royal India, Bangkok Little India, Phahurat Road, Southeast AsiaRoyal India Restaurant, Bangkok Little India, Phahurat, Southeast AsiaSamosa Guy, Bangkok Little India, Phahurat Road, Southeast Asia

4 thoughts on “Exploring Bangkok’s Little India”

  1. Franziska Klaiber

    Wow uplifting report ! Yikes ! Still ok if younwant to buy indian spices or have a chai …maybe not for tourists who have limited time…but definitely ok to go if you live in bangkom and dont want to go to nana for indian food. Basically you can buy indian stuff and still not be surrounded by too many gross indians.

    1. Tescos also have Indian spices. For Indian food go to Penang, Singapore, Yangon even, as they all have fantastic and authentic Indian food scenes. My favorite cities of the region because of it. Of course Indian cultures and Tamil are widespread along these parts of Southeast Asia, but they unfortunately never made it to Bangkok (although Bangkok does have a great Chinatown). Otherwise Phahurat is about as underwhelming as it was 5 years ago when I wrote this. Why bother try sugarcoat it. Note, I wasn’t going to comment but your “gross Indians” jibe is no more than a reflection on your own grossness. You obviously do not belong to the multi-cultural city you seem confident to comment on.

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