Roadside Barbecues in Bangkok

In the early evenings Bangkok roadside barbecues pop up across busy streets. Locals congregate at seated street areas while barbecue vendors work their grills. This is easily my favourite part of the day. Early evenings, the sun just set and streets are filling with local banter. Smokes of grilled meat and charcoal fill the air and lizards yelp in trees above. Routine for me at my local Bangkok roadside barbecues. In the UK I would wait all year for days like this. In Bangkok it happens everyday.

Bangkok Roadside Barbecues, Street Food in Thailand, Southeast Asia Locals Eating Barbecue, Bangkok Roadside Barbecues, Southeast Asia Grilled Pork Neck, Bangkok Roadside Barbecues, Southeast Asia

The Evening Street Food

Local liquors, spicy soups and salads, sticky rice and barbecued meats. What more can you ask for. The kicker is; as with most street food the prices are tiny. Images above and below are of my local roadside barbecue. So close I can smell it from my pool. My standard order is one  large beer, Laab Mooh (spicy pork salad), Kor moo yang (grilled pork neck with chili dip) and Khao Niao (sticky rice). Adds to around $5. When buying take away I wait with a beer, breath in the barbecue and feel like a man.

Ordering in Thai Language, Bangkok Roadside Barbecues, Southeast Asia Barbecue and Beer, Bangkok Roadside Barbecues, Southeast Asia Spicy Pork Laab Moo, Bangkok Roadside Barbecues, Southeast Asia

Where to Find Them?

Technically barbecues can pop up anywhere. Only things needed are a barbecue and plastic chairs and tables. A busy pedestrian sidewalk during the day can transform to a barbecue food heaven at night. One of the more famous Bangkok roadside barbecues is found near the front of Central World Mall (pictured below). This roadside barbecue is famous for its grilled fish (pla pao). but also does great kai yang (barbecue chicken).

Central World Pla Pao, Bangkok Roadside Barbecues, Southeast Asia Grilled Fish Pla Pao, Bangkok Roadside Barbecues, Southeast Asia

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