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In the past I’ve always complained of expensive Indian restaurants in Bangkok and I do stand by this, not only in comparison to India (obviously), but also against their coastal neighbours of Malaysia, Singapore or even Myanmar, where Indian foods come cheap, authentic and everywhere. Bangkok could so with some cheap roadside roti stalls? but the chance of this ever happening is slim. What I can say however with Indian Restaurants in Bangkok is I am yet to be disappointed as restaurants really do replicate some top notch Indian foods and to track them down doesn’t need a trek to Little India (Phahurat), which will be little more than a tiresome pursuit. Instead go to the Sukhumvit area where you will find many of the best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok. The Sukhumvit streets are littered with Indian restaurants making it a challenge to find the best of them so here I will share some of my personal favourites. These are the best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok’s Sukhumvit area.

Passing Around Popadoms, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area Anise, Fennel, Sugar, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area

Himali Cha Cha (Sukhumvit 31, Phrom Phong BTS)

“Is Fried Cow Brain on the menu??”, “Sorry, only goat brain, fried or cooked in a masala, we also have liver and testicles…our menu hasn’t changed in over 30 years.”  I find it hard to argue. Himali Cha Cha has been perfecting the same Indian dishes since before I was born.”Chicken Masala Please”. While food is top notch at Himali Cha Cha it is the location which keeps bringing me back, escaping the city bustle to their hidden teak house behind Sukhumvit 31. Himali Cha Cha is rarely filled or even busy and is perfect for escaping the Sukhumvit mayhem. Our last order came to roughly 2,000 Baht for a full Tandoori Chicken, Matter Paneer, Mutton Curry, Chicken Masala, 2 x Mango Lassis, 2 x Beers, a load of breads (Puris, Rotis Nans) and poppadoms. Himali Cha Cha sits at the start of Sukhumvit 31 an easy(ish) walk from either Asoke or Phrom Phong.

Mutton Curry Himali Cha Cha, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area Kulfi Ice Cream Himali Cha Cha, Indian Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area

Indian Chaat (Sukhuvmit 31, Phrom Phong BTS)

In the past I would skip by Indian Chaat in favour of fancier looking establishments. The inside dining experience doesn’t compare to nearby Himali Cha Cha but this is of course reflected in cheap prices. Recently, flicking through the menu, I find a range of Himalayan food with Momos and Dum Aloo proving hard to resist. I grab a bag to takeaway and am blown away. The food is good. The word Chaat describes Indian ‘savoury snacks’ yet the menu covers a whole lot more. From what I’ve tasted they do it all well. Below is a typical order of Dum Aloo, Chicken Tikka Masala, Vegetable Bahji, Puri flat breads and Steamed vegetable momos. 490 Baht… a price hard to beat in Bangkok. For me Indian Chaat is the Best Indian Restaurant in Bangkok for takeaway / delivery. Slightly off track of the tourist trail but perfect for locals. Phone: 02-259-7900. Note for Himalayan food try the nearby Himalayan restaurant.

Indian Chaat Takeaway, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area Momos at Indian Chaat, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area

Mrs Balbir (Sukhumvit 11/1, Nana BTS)

An area littered with tourists, expats and Indian food. Choosing just one restaurant near Nana can be tricky. While we tend to avoid Nana altogether there is one Indian Restaurant which keeps us coming back. Mrs Balbir’s, an intimate, almost fine dining experience found on a small sub-soi of Sukhumvit 11. A simple menu with affordable and authentic Punjabi dishes. Mrs Balbir the ‘celebrity’ TV chef has slowly been building an Indian empire with new restaurants and eateries popping up at smaller locations and even food courts in Bangkok. Always a safe option for good Indian food.

Mrs Balbir Nana BTS, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area Mrs Balbir's Platinum, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area

India Today (Sukhumvit 8, Nana BTS)

‘The one on the opposite side’. India Today goes unnoticed as tourists and expats flock to Sukhumvit Soi 11 sat opposite. Very wrong. From my experience India Today is easily one of the best Indian restaurants in Bangkok and the views over Bangkok’s bustling traffic wins hands down against window views of passing sexpats on Sukhumvit 11. Definitely the better choice for visitors to Bangkok.

India Today Views, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area Eating at India Today, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area

Masala Art (Sukhumvit 55, Thong Lor BTS)

A contemporary, fine dining experience with extensive (although slightly complicated) menus of Indian dishes. Also a well picked wine and drinks list. As expected prices are high at Masala Art which goes for the Thong Lor area it is located. The food however does live up to its reputation as an award winning Indian restaurant famed for the “art of blending spices”. The downside however would be its location on the 2nd floor of a streetside mall (Eight Thonglor Complex). While I wouldn’t say it’s the best Indian restaurant in Bangkok it is one hard to beat. Be sure to check your bill before paying; TWICE we found added extras on the final bill.

Masala Art Thong Lor, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area Masala Art Interiors, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area

Indus (Sukhumvit 26, Phrom Phrong BTS) 

Indus is a ‘Contemporary Fine Dining’ experience found on one of the quieter roads of Sukhumvit and while it is quite a bit pricier than many of the others (similar to Masala Art) they do have some great offers. We call in for the weekend brunch at Indus and with an all-you-can-eat menu at 550 Baht++ it is hard to beat. The menu also includes a happy selection of Tandoori bites which I make the most of. Again added value here is the impressive decor and renovated teak house interiors, the ambiance and design setting it out from many of the above.

Tandoori Chicken Pieces, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area Spiced Paneer Masala, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area

The Great Kabab Factory (Sukhumvit 2, Ploen Chit)

The newest on the list is the Great Kabab Factory, a rather swank, specialty dining experience, with open kitchen, an industrial (factory) design and a modern, ethnic ambiance. The menu offers two all-you-can-eat options of veg (1,000 Baht) and non-veg (1,100 Baht) and each day brings a new and exciting range of kababs to the table. With over 450 kabab recipes in the factory drawer it is an experience which will take some time to tire of.  The Great Kebab factory is a unique and welcome addition to Bangkok’s Indian food scene (full write up here).

Gosht Seekh Kabab, Great Kabab Factory in Bangkok, Sukhumvit 2 Gosht Biryani Rice, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area

Maya Indian Restaurant (Holiday Inn, Sukhumvit 22)

Big city views (29th floor), a slick, elegant interior and a progressive ambiance. Throw in top notch Indian dishes, some serious cocktails and Maya Indian Restaurant is an Indian food experience hard-to-beat. From the moment we step from the elevator, we are graced with style, from the clean cut open kitchen and metallic tandoors, to the floor-to-ceiling glass walls which showcase the glimmering Sukhumvit skyline. Maya Indian Restaurant is located at the top floor of the Holiday Inn, Sukhumvit 22. It is found at the corner of the main Sukhumvit Road between Asoke and Phrom Prong Skytrain Stations (Full write up here).

Maya Indian Restaurant, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area Poppadoms and Chutneys, Best Indian Restaurants in Bangkok Sukhumvit Area

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