6 of the Best Surfing Destinations to Try in Bali

Surfing is one of those fantastic pastimes which sees excitement and exercise combined together in a conglomeration of enjoyment. Bali is a famed spot for boarders to ride the waves, but what are the best beaches to visit?

Here are the six best surfing destinations to try out in Bali.

1. Canggu

Kicking off our list is a spot which appeals to both experienced surfers and complete newbies alike, on the sunny shores of Canggu, which also has some fantastic Canggu Villas to indulge in during your stay.

There is a variety of beach and reef breaks, with a few soft rolling waves that are ideal for beginners and some fast, rippable peaks, for experts.”

Be wary however, it’s said when the tide is up in this spot it gets particularly perilous even for experienced pros. Make sure to check when the safe times for surfing are before you dive in.

2. Kuta

Kuta Beach was the first official spot to coin surfing as a regular hobby in Bali – with the story going that a local man of American heritage, Robert Koke, first took to the waters back in 1936 on a custom-made Honolulu board.

The locals would soon emulate the ‘crazy’ antics of Koke, with the trend now serving to define the area as a whole. The theme of taking first steps continues today, with Kuta standing out as a popular spot for learners.

Unsurprisingly, owing to the legend surrounding the area and the continued popularity of the sport, Kuta is a beach which is regularly frequented by tourists.

3. Balian

This exotic retreat is the literal translation of the word “sacred” in the native tongue, and offers picturesque views of local mountains and communities.

The time of day will heavily effect when you’ll want to go however, with the winds picking up as time goes on. The early bird surf is best in Balian as it tends to get pretty blustery later in the day.

The beauty of this spot is it’s pretty far out from popular tourist spots, which makes it one of the quieter, but equally exciting, locales to hit the sands.

4. Legian

The Legian beach is probably the most popular to visit in Bali behind Kuta for tourists – thanks primarily to the large amount of places to head out for some awesome nightlife in the evenings.

Lessons for surfing newcomers are able to hone their trade at the surf school on Blue Ocean beach, while in the evening the golden sands are teeming with life and entertainment.

You’ll be able to find tourists and locals alike enjoying the likes of fire poi performers and musicians – who bring the strip to life in a blaze of colour and sound.

5. Seminyak

For people looking for a little class and refinement along with their surf, Seminyak beach might be the best option for you.

The grey sands aren’t the only highlight of the area, with a string of fine-dining restaurants, fashion stores and boutiques lining the roads.

Some of these establishments, such as the Potato Head Beach Club, have become so popular they now have something of a global following.

6. Kedungu

Cultures clash in a brilliant way at Kedungu Beach, where the black sandy shores of youth meet with the archaic heritage of Bali

Tanah Lot is one of the more popular tourist spots in Indonesia, with a Hindu temple set on the rocks near the waves themselves – to give surfers something to marvel at while they ride the tide.

The currents here are a little stronger than a lot of other places however, so it’s probably wise to only tackle the surf if you’ve already had some training and are confident.

When you’re next in Bali, why not give one of these surfing destination a try? You won’t be disappointed.

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