A Rare Escape to Bangkok Riverside

For me the Bangkok Riverside remains a less explored area of Bangkok. The only time visiting is in effort of others; visitors, far flung friends. While the Riverside is not so far; to me it just doesn’t have much to offer locals. Many Riverside establishments geared towards luxury tourism in the area. Overpriced and touristic. Throw in evening traffic, unwilling taxi drivers and laziness and the trip to the Riverside is rarely an option worth exploring. Today was one of the rare occasions to leave the comfort of Sukhumvit. Travelling to the Riverside for a feed at Buri Tara Riverside Restaurant. Admittedly when I do visit the Riverside I get a little excited. At least I did today. There is no denying Bangkok’s Riverside charm.

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Buri Tara Riverside Restaurant

Located on a quieter stretch of Bangkok Riverside the Buri Tara was surprisingly easy to locate. No traffic or hassle with taxis (100 Baht metered from Sukhumvit). Found in the Rama 3 area (Bangkok Square) the restaurant sits on the river’s edge with panoramic views of Bhumipol Bridge 1 and passing river boats. Surprised again, affordable wines starting 800 Baht. Food high quality, affordable and tasty. Killing my original Riverside perception of overpriced dining experiences. Overall I am very impressed.

Romantic Views, Buri Tara Riverside Restaurant, Southeast Asia Riverside Eating,Buri Tara Riverside Restaurant, Southeast Asia

Bangkok Ensogo.

We were visiting Buri Tara Riverside Restaurant on an Ensogo voucher (Bangkok Groupon). These days Ensogo is our main reason to explore the city forcing us to leave our area on the back of prepaid vouchers. No excuses, no laziness. Ensogo vouchers work well for businesses who otherwise find it hard to be recognised beyond their locale. However Buri Tara Riverside Restaurant appears well known. The restaurant busy and lively from the moment we arrive.

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