Exploring the boozy world of alcohol from the fermentation and distillation of liquors to the local beer selection. By booze Hound blogger Allan Wilson.

Bottles of Dong Street Liquor. Thai Alcohol, Bangkok, Thailand

Ya Dong Street Liquor

Today I was at a loose end. Fanfan working through the previous night meant I was left tiptoeing round the condo and as always I end up at the pool to ‘work’. A couple work beers down and I find myself relaxing on the pool edge overlooking local life on the street below. The day …

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My Travel Essential - Hard Liquor - My Travel Kit

Travel Essential? Hard Liquor

Clothes, notebook, passport, toiletries, liquor. A repetitive routine for every journey. Hard liquor being last on the list but no less a travel essential than the previous. Purchase from the nearest 7/11 for land travel or in-flight beverages during air travel. Hard liquor makes the travelling part of travel a whole lot easier. This goes …

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