Travel in Borneo

Travel in Borneo from the Malaysia rainforests to the to small nation of Brunei. New Tourism, Culture, Lifestyle and Boutique Travel. Independent Guide to Travel in Borneo.

Best of Travel in Southeast Asia

A quick guide to our favourite destinations in our Southeast Asia Travel Blog (we will update as we go along). This list follows our own interests and highlights our own style in travel. We travel independently as a couple, we generally avoid tourist and backpacker trails and we love to get lost in big cities although we do …

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The Essential Malaysian Food Guide

For most visitors to Malaysia, ethnic Malay food will only be part of the overall Malaysian food experience, with the prominence of other colonial influences often just as noticeable. Malaysia is obviously a big country and regional influences vary from the far-flung borders of the Philippines and Indonesia in Borneo, to the mixing pot of …

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Monkeys in Southeast Asia

Please don’t encourage cruelty at monkey tourist attractions truth is you will find endless opportunities to meet real wild monkeys, living their normal monkey lives in Southeast Asia. Monkeys found almost everywhere in the region. Monkeys which we have taken for granted while living here. It wasn’t until recent chit-chat with an Argentinian traveller did we realise this. …

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Orangutans, Turtles and Fireflies (Borneo)

On my first trip to Borneo (2007) I envisaged jungle adventures bashing through rain forests surrounded by exotic birds and wildlife as a modern-day explorer. Things aren’t really like that. Eco-tourism is still tourism, and many of the experiences are packaged and spoon-fed. I otherwise booked everything independently; flights, hotels and travel, yet failed to …

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