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Travel in Malaysia from the borders of Singapore through Kuala Lumpur, Penang and Langkawi. New Tourism, Culture, Lifestyle and Boutique Travel. Independent Guide to Travel in Malaysia.

Street Food is for Everyone!

Dodgy stomach? Must have been the street food. The easy culprit for blame. With people far more likely to share bad experiences than good – there is an obvious and unjust bad rap for street food. This and people’s love for hilarious poop stories. “Ate Bangkok street food. Bathroom looks like a Jackson Pollock #lol”. So is …

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Orangutans, Turtles and Fireflies (Borneo)

On my first trip to Borneo (2007) I envisaged jungle adventures bashing through rain forests surrounded by exotic birds and wildlife as a modern-day explorer. Things aren’t really like that. Eco-tourism is still tourism, and many of the experiences are packaged and spoon-fed. I otherwise booked everything independently; flights, hotels and travel, yet failed to …

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A Quiet Thaipusam in Georgetown Penang

For Thaipusam I opt for simple scenes in a quiet location. I choose to avoid the sensationalised circus at Waterfall Temple. I enjoy a quiet Thaipusam in Georgetown Penang watching intimate family gatherings at Little India’s Sri Mahamariamman Hindu Temple. Throughout the day small gatherings and ceremonies take place in front of the temple before a …

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My First Hopefully Last Hostel Experience

Tiptoeing through puddles of pubes in the hostel’s shared bathroom toilet. This week I am a backpacker. With expensive European travels two months ahead I have forced myself to cut costs by booking a tiny one-bed guestroom in a Georgetown Hostel ($16US). I am new to hostel life in Southeast Asia. Currently in Penang Malaysia for …

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