Eating in Thailand

Eating in Thailand from favourite Thai foods to new eating experiences and exciting restaurants. Travel and food tourism in Thailand.

Weird and Wonderful Fruits of Thailand

When living in Bangkok I was familiar with most Thai fruits from local markets, but now, living in a farming community in the northeast of  Thailand, I am surrounded by a never-ending cycle of sowing, growing, reaping and eating of whatever and everything that is in season. We have mango tree forests here and for weeks I …

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Deconstructing the Som Tam (Papaya Salad)

Having seen a lot of articles recently about the ‘Best Som Tam Papaya Salad’, I thought I’d give my own take on the trend. Instead of giving ‘the best’ papaya salad however, as it’s all very subjective, I will instead outline the options available to create ‘your best’ papaya salad. Each to their own and …

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Bangkok Vegetarian Festival (Chinatown)

This time last year I wrote a similar post on the Bangkok Vegetarian Festival… in not so great words. To sum up I figured that “if Scrooge and the Grinch collaborated on a festival it would be the Bangkok Vegetarian Festival. Scrooge with the vegetarian theme and The Grinch backing it with 10 long long days”. …

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