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Gastro-Tourism, Food in Asia and Eating in Southeast Asia. Street Food Fanatic Allan Wilson eats through Favourite Foods in Bangkok, Thailand and Beyond.

Bangkok’s Official Totoro Cafe

(Note. After 1 year of trading at the Sukhumvit Soi 29 location the Totoro Cafe is now closed. Will update new location when confirmed). To-to-ro  Totoro, To-to-ro Totoro, Dareka ga Kossori Komichi…. I really don’t know Japanese. Sooo Bangkok is now officially home to the first ever licensed Totoro restaurant, or the ‘Bangkok Totoro Cafe’ …

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Food Origins: The Sichuan Hot Pot

One of my sincerest obsessions in Asian cuisine would undoubtedly be the Sichuan Mala Hot Pot, a sensational mouth-numbing experience that is like no other in the world. And because of this, we traced the unique and somewhat formidable eating experience back to its origins, to Chongqing China (actually we were travelling in the area and …

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Chiang Mai’s Nimman: A Mecca for Asian Eats

I never considered Chiang Mai to be much of a “foodie” destination in the past, and my intrigue was more for the further-flung borders, where influences of neighboring Myanmar, Laos and Yunnan share their own interpretations of local Lanna and northern cuisine. But on a more recent visit we found ourselves in Chiang Mai’s ‘Nimman …

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Bangkok’s Controversial Street Food Ban

Like most people, my reaction to the Street Food Ban in Bangkok was one of disbelief, anger and swearing, but I also find that many of the arguments against the ban are misrepresented. And because of this I’ve become a bit mixed on this issue, or at least I’ve looked for a more balanced argument. Because …

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