How to Have an Adventure in Indonesia

I’ve talked about Indonesia and many of its beautiful destinations in past articles. Most of you know that Fanfan and I tied the knot in Bali, Indonesia, in a beautiful wedding ceremony. It is safe to say that Indonesia is special, and not just for us. A lot of people really love this country for its cultural richness and natural beauty.

There is no single best place to visit in Indonesia, which is why the best way to enjoy the country is by having an extended adventure. We are going to go over some of the details that can help you make that happen in this article.

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Places to Visit

Indonesia has more than 17,000 islands and there are even more great places to visit in them. That said, some of the gorgeous spots aren’t just difficult to get to; they are also not suitable for vacations. You will have to be willing to have a true outdoor adventure to sample the best this country has to offer.

It is best to start with the more touristy destinations. Bali is always pleasant. You can visit places such as Ubud or Lovina if you want to experience a more traditional side of the island. From Bali, you can head to West Nusa Tenggara and enjoy the Gili Islands. Continue backpacking to the east of Indonesia to find magical places, including Flores, Banda, and Raja Ampat.

You want to prepare yourself for a wide range of activities too. Diving is particularly popular, but hiking, horseback riding, and camping can be just as fun and challenging. Don’t forget to have your camera ready because you will find an endless array of beautiful memories to bring home.

Making It Possible

There is another reason why an adventure in Indonesia is worth considering: the country is relatively affordable compared to other destinations around the world. A meal is often no more than $2 and you can rent a room or an entire house for the whole month without breaking the bank.

You also have good (and cheap) internet connectivity in most cities. A friend of mine actually explored Papua while completing her international relations masters degree from Norwich University. The excellent internet connectivity and online courses such as the international affairs masters program she took made it possible.

Good internet connections mean you can also continue working remotely while sampling the best of Indonesia. That would make having an extended adventure even more enjoyable.

Things to Prepare

The most important thing to bring with you on this adventure is knowledge. Learn about Indonesia and the places you want to visit before actually exploring the country. A basic understanding of the culture is essential if you want to have a great trip across this country.

The people are very friendly and you can find everything else you need easily, no matter where you are. With Bali as your base, it is also easy to go back and pick up more supplies whenever you need to. Many have fallen in love with this country; you will too.

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