Resorts World Langkawi: An Andaman Gem

When constantly moving, chasing budgets and schedules, and documenting everything along the way, we do consider travel to be work these days. So sometimes we really just need a break from our life of so-called “holidays”, and we found this recently at Resorts World Langkawi where we were able to finally relax, and do nothing but indulge in what we desire the most. As in food, and drink, and more food. And Langkawi is no doubt perfect for this, an island I’ve often touted as being my favourite in Southeast Asia, which is for somewhat of an obscure reason. As Langkawi is in fact a Duty-Free island, where alcohol is ridiculously cheap, in an otherwise notoriously expensive country when it comes to drinking. And here we escape to the seclusion of the Andaman, not far from the main tourist drag of Pantai Cenang, yet it feels like we’re worlds apart. As Resorts World Langkawi escapes the noise and hubbub of elsewhere on Langkawi, where it is situated on a secluded shoreline promenade, with views overlooking the iconic archipelago karsts of the Andaman. It is a relaxed scene, slow-moving and serene, and the vacation begins.

The Seagull Coffee House

We spend much of our time at the Seagull Coffee House, from early breakfast, to late evening, sunrise through to sunset cocktails. As we find a serious list of strong cocktails, which sit at around the 18RM mark, which is just ridiculously cheap in this region. And again this is why I really love Langkawi. But my other obsession comes in Malaysian food, an exciting mix of Indian, Chinese, and Malay cuisines, which also shares some Thai influences here, as we are only a short distance from Thailand’s borders. But what I crave more than anything on every visit is the Mamak, and authentic Indian food, which we are completely lost for next door in Thailand. But there is always a conundrum in Malaysia, where it is very rare to find decent Indian food, alongside a good cocktail. Given the local Halal influences. But here I find both, a splendidly spiced mutton curry, served alongside a Long Island Iced Tea. Far from classy, I know, but I am on holiday. Anyway, the food at The Seagull Coffee House is not just diverse, but it is all of top-notch quality, which includes the western food menu, like the cheddar cheese burger, and the battered fish, with tartare sauce and capers. I ate here a lot.

Langkawi’s Geoforest Park

This was in fact my second time joining this tour (and I’d happily go again) as I find it has more in common with the eco-adventures of Borneo, than it does the generic island hopping of Thailand’s Andaman Sea. And the main show is undoubtedly the eagle feeding, a bird somewhat synonymous with the island, as the name Langkawi in fact translates loosely as “Eagle Rock”. So it would be almost rude to visit without seeing them. And in the archipelago are two common eagles, the Brahminy Kites, and the rather massive White Bellied Sea Eagles, which will be found hiding in the canopies of the island’s mangroves. And at there feeding grounds they will swoop to the waters to grab beakfuls of eagle grub. However there is much more to these tour than just eagles, and the swimming crab-eating macaques, are really quite adorable. Then there are the Dusky Leaf Monkeys, the deadly Pit Viper, the Bat Caves and giant Fruit Bats, and feeding the fish. All on this one tour. There really is just too much to share in this post, so check our full tour review here. Otherwise much of the overall excitement, at least for me, was darting between the dense mangroves, and through the picturesque karsts and archipelagos, in the back of the speed boat. Langkawi’s scenery is undoubtedly unforgettable.

The Sunset Cruise

Days do feel longer here, as technically we are further north than some Thai provinces, yet we are set in a time zone of an hour behind. So sunset is an hour later than anticipated, which allows for plenty of time to prepare for the evening’s sunset cruise. And a good indicator of just how fun this night was, was the following morning, when to say we were suffering on our early fight to Kuala Lumpur, would be an understatement. Yet we have no regrets whatsoever. As the night before was just so ridiculously fun, and the last thing I remember was me dancing off the boat, with a glass full of gin, which is weird, as I never dance, or ever drink gin. In fact I never even socialise, or join cruises for that matter, so I was like a completely different person on this getaway. Although it is one of the more amiable cruise options here, unlike the haphazard “booze cruises” found so often on the backpacker trails of the Andaman. As this was otherwise more sophisticated, less raucous, and ultimately more enjoyable for everybody. And everything was of high standard, from the safety procedures, to the platters of curries and barbecue buffets. As this was also an all-inclusive tour, from the alcohol to the food, meaning I unfortunately went a bit overboard (not in the literal sense). But it was no doubt the perfect ending to this holiday away from our holidays. 

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