Top 5 Places in The World that create a winter fairytale

Christmas is gone; however you can see the shimmering decorations everywhere. Most families plan out what they want to do to enjoy the winter period. Many people travel to several other countries to experience and enjoy the spirit of winter time. If you are still thinking whether you should go on a holiday or take your family on a holiday, you should think no more. If you are going to travel alone, it’ easy to just get a travel partner or a date by checking out any of the asian dating sites for singles online. No matter where you want to go, if it’s Europe, USA or even Asia, there’s always someone excited to tag along.  Anyway, Here are the top five places in the world to go for a winter time.

Frozen Trees, Winter Road Trip in East Central Europe Fanfan Wilson, Winter Road Trip in East Central Europe

  1. Santa Claus Village in Lapland, Finland

The city gets into Arctic Circle, and its visitors experience real winter and get a chance to meet the real Santa Claus. Although there are many restaurants and shops with themes in the village, the primary attraction in the city is the chance to talk and take photos with Santa. Besides, the city is just 2kms from Rovaniemi Airport.

  1. London, England

In Covent Garden, you will find winter displays that are themed.  In Piazza, you will find an enormous topiary reindeer Rudolf, which is decorated using colored lights. During the winter, all streets and malls in the city are sparkling, making holiday shopping a joyous experience.  A must visit places in the city are Globe, Piazza, Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden.

Westminster and Big Ben, London Stopover, Cheap and Free Attractions

  1. Cologne, Germany

Cologne is the hometown of the mulled wine. Besides, the tasty scent of German delicatessen is used to fill the air during winter. A must visit areas in the city are Rudolfplatz, Cologne cathedral, and different markets.

  1. Paris, France

Even during winter season, Paris remains to be the city of love.  During the season, all streets and boulevards shine with a string of lights.  Also, the beauty of Eiffel tower is enhanced, while the adjacent skating rink becomes an attraction in the evening.  The places to visit are Eiffel tower, Disneyland and Montmartre and Champs Elysee’s markets.

Le Zeyer Paris Cafe, Montparnasse Area of Paris, Montparnasse Station

  1. Las Vegas, USA

Besides being a city of entertainment, Las Vegas appears beautiful from the decorations on all buildings and the famous mountains.  Lake Las Vegas, Bellagio and Gambling Hall are some of the places to visit but just about anywhere will be lit up like a big Christmas festival at almost anytime time of the year.

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