UK VISA. Don’t Skimp on Detail.

UK VISA Application. First Time Rejected. Second Time Passed. Bangkok.Our last time standing at the UK VISA offices was less smiley. Skimping on details on the UK VISA application resulted in rejection for Fanfan’s UK visitor VISA and cost us 4,000 Baht for a second application in Bangkok. Fortunately the second application was a success and our itinerary for travel in the UK and Europe is back on track. The application turned out to be a lot harder than expected. Do not expect it to be easy. Many of Fanfan’s friends have tried, failed and give up on the UK visa application opting for easier VISAs to Europe or the USA.

Why we Failed?

The main reason for failing was our skimping on detail on the UK visa application. Lack of evidence of a past relationship between Fanfan and myself. Lack of evidence of past relationships between Fanfan and my family; our sponsored address in the UK. Money available was also an issue with little funds in Fanfan’s account and my money as sponsor running low (expensive xmas). Another influencing factor may have been the early application; 5 months in advance. It leaves plenty of time to re-apply when applicants are found balancing on the threshold with their UK visa application.

How we Passed?

Overkill. We give them everything. Photos of travels together. Photos of Fanfan with my family. Photos of Fanfan’s family with my family. Newspaper snippets of Fanfan with my family. Joint air-tickets and past hotel reservations from travels with my family. Printouts of every financial account available; mine, hers, families. Copies of our entire travel itinerary booked and paid; including return flights to Rome and onwards to Sri Lanka and Bali. Give any evidence available to show there is no intention of staying illegally in the UK. Why risk a costly second application (like us).

UK VISA Application. Sponsor Relationship Bangkok, Southeast Asia UK VISA Application Past Relationship Evidence Bangkok, Southeast Asia

UK VISA Application Process

The UK VISA Application is quick and simple. Gathering the supporting documents is the tricky task (info here for sponsor). The application is completed online with visa4uk. Takes roughly an hour with the option for saving at any time if info is not available. After the online UK visa application is complete you are given one month to book an appointment for the Bangkok VISA Application Centre. Available times can be as early as the following day and rarely go later than the following week. The Bangkok VISA Application Centre is easy to find; a minute walk from Ratchadamri Skytrain Station (Regent House). Turn up and drop off documentation on the given date. Two weeks later you can go pick up your passport. You will only know the decision when you pick up passport.

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  • Hi Allan,

    Nice! You both look great together 🙂 Does the leave approval letter from employer necessary for a tourist visa, as such my employer doesn’t provide this at this time. But I got all documents supporting strong ties to home country, pay slips, bank statements etc.

    Please advise


    • Thanks Pearl 🙂 Sorry I should have got back earlier. I asked Fanfan and she said definitely a letter from an employer. Her friend had everything apart from this letter (she was unemployed at the time) and she was turned down.

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