Unusual Places to Visit in Popular Tourist Destinations

If you are sick of visiting the same destinations as everyone else, or if you are looking to see something slightly more out of the box, there are many hidden attractions around the globe only miles from the biggest tourist honeypots. If you want to see the true colours of the country that you are visiting, take a step on the weird side with these destinations.

In Portugal

Portugal is known for its beachside retreats and the history of its capital, Lisbon. However, Portugal’s sights are more unusual than simply a stretch of sand, and Portugal’s Chapel of Bones in Evora is the perfect example, where human remains hang from the walls of a 16th-century church. This remains a theme in Faro too, with the Capela de Ossos Bone Chapel made entirely of human bones and other parts of the skeleton. You can combine this more unusual attraction with the sights of a lesser known town, Faro, whose delightful beaches will be much less crowded than in the tourist hotspots. However, if you want attractions that are only a step away from the popular Algarve, combine sunbathing with the unusual by visiting the Red Castle, which is built entirely from the sandstone found in the area. If this sounds appealing, James Villa Holidays arrange Portugal holidays for families in their luxury villas which are central to all the best attractions in the country.

In Turkey

Turkey is also a country known for its popular resorts and hot air balloons, and yet the unusual is just around the corner, in the Avanos Hair Museum. Unlike other underground caverns in the country, in this one, you will find locks of hair dangling from the ceiling. If exploring the city of Istanbul interests you more, you can visit Trotsky’s former home where he lived in the 1920s and 30s, the location where he wrote his infamous autobiography.

In New Zealand

New Zealand, formed of the North and South Island off the coast of Australia, has been a popular destination for backpackers for a long time. However, New Zealand is not all Hobbit holes and stunning landscapes, although these are once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. If you are on a road trip through the country, make a diversion at the giant monuments of a sheep, dog and Christ in the small town of Tirau, which were built to represent the farming history of the locality when the Tourist Information Centre was designed.

In the USA

The USA has a vivid and unusual history, and so it is no wonder that so many bizarre attractions are here. These include the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, where visitors can step away from the casinos and popular attractions at the Strip to see the old 1920s signs taken from casinos and bars. The road trip was founded in the USA, and so it is no wonder that the country is not sparse when it comes to their roadside attractions. Salvation Mountain in Niland, California, is one of the most visited, whose bright hillside stands out against the surrounding landscape with its bright, religious mural.

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