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I rarely write about individual restaurants but we do go here a lot. Wine Connection started in Bangkok first operating in import and distribution before expansion through clever diversification to open wine shops, delis, bistros and tapas bars. With control of supply they have obvious advantages over competing ‘Wine Bars’ and use it well. Instead of higher mark-ups Wine Connection pass savings to the customer. They have made a previously exclusive ‘hi-so’ product more inclusive to the less wealthy in Bangkok and this is reflected in a youthful and smart white collar crowd. Wine bars in Bangkok have always had an ugly stigma of snobbery attached with high government tax forcing high prices. Wine Connection now go against this grain to offer value for money which under the circumstances isn’t easy. This is why I am happy to promote Wine Connection. Even visits on Valentine’s and New Year’s Eve we find business as usual; no price hikes, no ‘throwing the boot in’ where others would.  Our regular venue to visit Wine Connection is at it’s original and most popular restaurant location; Wine Connection Deli and Bistro, K Village, Sukhumvit 26, Bangkok. Check here for updated post and other Sukhumvit locations.

Outdoor Seating, K Village, Wine Connection Bangkok, Thailand, Asia

What to Pay?

As bill pictured below; Bottle of Wine (Flamingo Bay Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot) 500 Baht, Pizza Capricciosa 230 Baht, Bangers and Mash 240 Baht. Plus, Plus. Final Price 1,067 Baht. The final price at Wine Connection is closer to starting prices of wine in many competing Bangkok restaurants. I don’t know any restaurant which can offer Wine by the bottle at 500 Baht without peddling the cheap 7/11 wines (Mont Clair and Peter Vella).

Bangers and Mash, K Village, Wine Connection Bangkok, Thailand, Asia Food Prices at K Village, Wine Connection Bangkok, Thailand, Asia

The Wine Rack

I am not great with wine. Wine was something forced on me at social dinners, family occasions and with hangovers at Sunday dinner. Since moving to Bangkok I have found a new appreciation for Wine. Wine connection is good for this. They make the experience simple and easy for beginners with an affordable and non-pretentious wine list. You can chose from the given wine menu or grab a bottle for the table from the adjoining wine shop. Prices no different than retail (unless below 500 Baht). It is hard to question Wine Connection’s expertise in Wine selection with fifteen years and counting in the Wine import business. Expect no Jacob’s Creek which is thankfully replaced with a welcome range from Deakin Estate. The New World Wine’s are what we stick to at Wine Connection with affordable favourites from Australia and South Africa.

Mille Malle 20, Wine Connection Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia Decanter K Village, Wine Connection Bangkok, Thailand, Southeast Asia

Deli and Bistro

Wine Connection bring all the foods expected of a Bistro. Starters and salads, pastas, pizzas, pub grub and desserts. All high quality for price and great value for money. A personal favourite the seranno ham pizza. The Deli menu I have yet to fully explore. On rare occasions I go for the cold cut and cheese platters which is a big part of the restaurant (impressive range seen at counter below). What kept me coming to Wine Connection was the antipasti. I am a fiend for olives and sundried tomatoes. I have probably eaten more of their Kalamata olives than anyone. Now hoping for an anchovy free black olive tapenade to dip my pizza crusts (weird?).

Cheese Cold Cuts, K Village, Wine Connection Bangkok, Thailand, Asia Kalamata Olives, K Village, Wine Connection Bangkok, Thailand, Asia

Imported Beer Selection

Now offering Belgian and German draught beers. Never been happier. With Belgian Kriek (Cherry Beer) on the menu there is a beer option for Fanfan and I can go beering at Wine Connection. The selection is very different to anything in Bangkok and includes Blonde and White Beers. The big favourite is  Memminger which was a success when sold bottled. The draught beer selection is the newest addition to Wine Connection and is likely to grow. As it is the beer selection at Wine Connection is not so far behind the pricey Thong Lor beer houses or Beer Vault in central Sukhumvit. Certainly cheaper.

Beer Selection, K Village, Wine Connection Bangkok, Thailand, Asia Draught Beers, K Village, Wine Connection Bangkok, Thailand, Asia

The Atmosphere

Always busy in evenings with no reservations. Arrive late and expect a wait for inside seating. Outside seating not so bad. The restaurant is simple and well spaced with exposed brick and hard wood decor (contemporary rustic?). House music in the evenings and a youthful local and expat crowd. The K Village Mall area is dog friendly and the outside seating is popular with local dog walkers in the daytime.

Outside Seating, K Village, Wine Connection Bangkok, Thailand, Asia Dogs in Daytime, K Village, Wine Connection Bangkok, Thailand, Asia

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