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As most of my travels centre round food I do feel occasional guilt when walking to a fast food counter. A wasted meal on a short itinerary of food exploration. But in truth this is not the case. Fast food is different in every country with international outlets offering their own unique regional twists. The Green Curry KFC for example… hard to say no. But the real perk of fast food in Bangkok is the convenience. Most fast food outlets do delivery, to your door, without having to get off your lazy ass. For me Sunday would be the usual slobbing day, many street foods in Bangkok taking the day off, low on funds and the fridge likely depleted. The same goes for getting back from travel. After periods of unfamiliar food the familiar Western comforts are almost a necessity. Tourists with the runs, ring sting or chilli burps will likely understand. As a tourist I used fast food delivery in Bangkok more than I would these days often ordering delivery to my hotel room. “Sir this is reception… did you order McDonalds to your room?” “Yup have them meet me at the pool”. It works. Here are reasons why Fast Food delivery in Bangkok is so much better.

McDonalds in Bangkok, 24 Hour Delivery, Fast Food Delivery in Bangkok Eating KFC Chicken, 24 Hour Delivery, Fast Food Delivery in Bangkok

Food Panda

Food Panda is an online food delivery service with literally hundreds of restaurants (500 +) from all over Bangkok. Why look further? So I love Food Panda for a number of reasons. First they bring all my favourite restaurant foods direct to my door, but most importantly they have been a lifesaver for many romantic nights in. E.g. to avoid packed restaurants on Valentines Day we order our favourite restaurant foods to the door, and Food Panda throw in a free bottle of Prosecco sparkling white wine. Similar deals happen all the time so it pays to keep watch. A further perk with Food Panda is they are great to dupe people into thinking you can cook. Invite them round for a home cooked meal, order from a swank restaurant and remember to bin the boxes. Restaurants also cover pretty much every genre; from Burgers to Brazilian from Desserts to Craft Beer Breweries.

For Food Panda Fast Food Delivery Check their Website

Bangkok Burger Company, Fast Food Delivery in Bangkok Food Panda Delivery, Valentine's Day in Bangkok, Southeast Asia

 McDonalds (1711)

The daddy of fast food delivery in Bangkok. In the UK the thought of McDonalds delivering is a little deluded but here in Bangkok it is the norm. McDelivery 24/7 any time of any day. Just one quick phone call and Big Macs will be knocking at your door in no time. 160 Baht Big Mac Set (meal) and 40 Baht delivery comes to a total of 200 Baht ($6.40). Bargain? McDonalds are my first phone call after late night airport arrivals or mid morning long-haul bus journeys.  

For McDonalds Restaurants and Fast Food Delivery Check their Website.

Hotel Food Delivery, 24 Hour Delivery, Fast Food Delivery in Bangkok McDonald’s Hat Yai, 24 Hour Delivery, Fast Food Delivery in Bangkok

Sunrise Tacos (02-229-4851)

For the McD haters the best 24 hour alternative has to be Sunrise Tacos (no longer 24 hours unfortunately). Having never in my lifetime been to that part of the world I can say Sunrise Tacos are easily the best Mexican food I’ve eaten. And they are good food too, none of that processed junk stuffed with preservatives. Perfect for my late night hankerings for margaritas and quesadillas. Sunrise Tacos have been in Bangkok since 2007, gradually expanding and their popularity best highlighted by their 24 hour restaurants and delivery service which even KFC have failed to introduce. I do prefer going in person to fill my face, Tuesdays and Fridays, with all you can eat Taco Buffets.

For Sunrise Taco Restaurants and Fast Food Delivery Check their Website.

Sunrise Taco Tuesday, 24 Hour Delivery, Fast Food Delivery in Bangkok New York Gardens, 24 Hour Delivery, Fast Food Delivery in Bangkok

KFC (1150)

For fast food delivery in Bangkok KFC would be the winner for regional variations. Aside from the Green Chicken Curry (discontinued) you will find spicy chicken and rice dishes, extra spicy chicken wings and the option between the KFC classic chicken or the spicy Thai alternative. While KFC don’t do 24 hour delivery they do roll out until 11pm and their online ordering service makes the delivery process a whole lot easier. Get on the KFC Mix and Match which includes one main dish with a savoury or sweet snack for 79 Baht (below). Add the 40 Baht Delivery Fee and it’s still a bargain (119 Baht). I currently await my Green Chicken Curry and Shrimp Donut; today is Sunday after all.

For McDonalds Restaurants and Fast Food Delivery Check their Website.

KFC Menu Thailand, 24 Hour Delivery, Fast Food Delivery in BangkokKFC Green Chicken Curry, 24 Hour Delivery, Fast Food Delivery in Bangkok

Subway Sandwich (02-204-2001)

I generally skip on Subway delivery because the walk-in Sub of the Day is easily better value. Value so good they rarely advertise in store… but it is there, just ask. A 6 inch Sub of the Day comes at 69 Baht and in honesty the day’s filling makes little difference to me. After stuffing my sub with favourite sauces and veg I barely know what I’m eating. That being said I do avoid Tuna Wednesday. I don’t like Tuna Wednesday. Best to hold off for BLT Saturday. Parmesan and oregano bread, toasted, with cheese, topped with olives, pickles and jalapeños and extra lashings of Southwest and Barbecue Sauce. Slobtastic?

For Subway Sandwich Restaurants and Fast Food Delivery Check Their Website

Sub of the Day Bangkok, 24 Hour Delivery, Fast Food Delivery in Bangkok Subway Sandwich Sauces, 24 Hour Delivery, Fast Food Delivery in Bangkok

Scoozi Pizza (02-715-8555)

For a Pizza Delivery company Scoozi has a surprisingly fine background. Scoozi started in year 2ooo as a gourmet Italian restaurant found in a century old Thai teak building. Fancy. As popularity grew they had no option but to expand and Scoozi wine and dine restaurants pop up across Bangkok. With ridiculously good pizza the pizza delivery service was inevitable. Unlike the International Pizza Delivery Brands in Bangkok Scoozi Pizza roll out authentic wood-fired napoletana pizza. Along with their gourmet Italian food menu they are hard to beat. Parma ham pizza, salmon carbonara and tiramisu please.

For Scoozi Restaurants and Fast Food Delivery Check their Website.

Scoozi Pizza Delivery, 24 Hour Delivery, Fast Food Delivery in Bangkok Scoozi pizza delivery, Fast Food Delivery in Bangkok

Oishi Japanese (1773)

Since coming to Bangkok I have developed an obsession for Japanese food. Not only is it cheap and delicious but with only a quick phone call it is at your door. For this convenience we can thank Oishi who have been stuffing my face with Gyoza since 2008. The Oishi menu is quite extensive and therefore often tricky to find online. If the full menu doesn’t show here then try the basic menu which I uploaded in images below. From Ramen noodles to sushi bento boxes Oishi offers a perfect introduction to the staples of Japan.

For Oishi Restaurants and Fast Food Delivery Check their Website.

Oishi Sushi Sets, Fast Food Delivery in Bangkok Oishi Menu Bangkok Delivery, Fast Food Delivery in Bangkok, 24 Hour Delivery


  • Great blog I found it very useful. I will just mention one thing… you wrote, ” Having never in my lifetime been to South America I can say Sunrise Tacos are easily the best Mexican food I’ve eaten.” Mexico is in North America. 🙂

  • I love to order online very much, my favorite website to place online order is . However, gotasty covers just 3 districts; Bangna, Wattana, and Phra Kanong. I really like their service, they have both cheap and expensive shops.
    I am cheap shop FC.

  • I was craving for burritos and sandwiches but its 5am, so I googled 24/7 delivery places, and when I saw this blog, I was so excited. But then I called the number you posted for Sunrise Taco and Subway, and well nobody picked up for the first number and the other one was not a 24/7 service… = =

    • Subway aren’t 24/7 and Taco Sunrise just closed their 24 hour service along with their flagship store on Sukhumvit Road (now only 12 hours). I have updated info. Did you not fancy a Big Mac?

  • Thank you for helping me order delivery from McDonalds. At the age of 37 I still have much to learn yet. The best part was the James Bond music they played when I was on-hold.

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